“Great East” exhibition guided tour

A guided tour of the “Great East” exhibition will allow visitors to make an amazing journey through the cities of Central Asia.

The museum guests will get acquainted with the oldest and rarest coins of the Eastern countries, as well as with their rulers, royal attributes, images of deities.

The tour will tell the guests about the numismatic monuments of 25 dynasties from various eras – from the time of the Achaemenids shrouded in legends and tales to the era of Genghis Khan and Tamerlane’s conquests.

Visitors will hear fascinating stories about the first coins minting and try to find answers to the questions: Where did the first money appear – in the West or the East? And whose influence was stronger: of East to West or vice versa?

The exhibition halls convey the atmosphere of the oriental palace and the Toki Sarrofon dome, under which money changers and bankers of their time gathered since ancient times.

Accompanied with the poems translated from the key languages of the region, guests will be able to touch the real goods of the Great Silk Road, imagine themselves in a real oriental bazaar – noisy and very fragrant.