Animals on coins

Coins depicting animals are one of the most fascinating and informative collecting topics and one of the most popular among collectors around the world.

From thaler to dollar: the Age of Silver

An amazing history of the origin and the circulation of the thaler - the main silver coin of the countries of the Old and New World.

Golden coins in the history of the Romanov dynasty

Many exhibitions are dedicated to this particular crowned dynasty, but the history of the Romanovs has never been told from beginning to end through the medium of coins.

From Antiquity to the Middle Ages

The era of Antiquity could be called the cradle of European civilization — and rightfully so. Many testimonies and physical remnants of its former greatness, however, are reduced to dust by the mercilessness of time. Antique coins are very often the only remaining monument to the life of the cities of the Ancient World. In some cases, the names of the disappeared cities and states, and the names of their rulers, have been preserved only on coins.

The Zinoviev-Yusupov chambers

The Zinoviev-Yusupov chambers are the oldest secular structure in the Arbat area, and the only large stone chambers north of Prechistenka.


All that glitters...

Most of the items presented at the exhibition posed a risk of death to those who might have been detected to have them. The rulers promised terrible torments to counterfeiters. However, despite this, the forgeries appeared at exactly the same moment as when the first coins were minted. Here you can see counterfeit coins that deceived not only their contemporaries, but still mislead collectors. You have a unique opportunity to compare counterfeit coins with genuine coins, starting from the 8th to the 20th century.
You will see fake solids, ducats, rubles, as well as learn about various technologies of counterfeiters and ways of exposing them.