Worth its Weight in Gold

The "Worth its Weight in Gold" exhibition is an incredible interactive time traveller’s guide. The exhibition will show what one needs to take to Ancient Greece...

Get your boarding passes ready – check-in begins... taking us to the past! Check the contents of your suitcases: you need to take the most necessary things on a trip: shoes, a hat, other accessories, and of course, a purse with cash money.

The "Worth its Weight in Gold" exhibition is an incredible interactive time traveller’s guide. It will show you what to take with you to Ancient Greece, what coin to pay with in the Arab East, what you could earn in Victorian England and what you could spend your savings on in pre-revolutionary Russia.

History is not only about global economic and political processes, but also an opportunity to see a particular era through the eyes of a simple man in the street. Times change, but human needs remain unchanged. At any time, we need shelter, food, clothing and a decent job that will help provide all this.

The exposition will help to find out what kind of allowance a Roman legionary received, what kind of reward a court artist expected, what salary a titular adviser had in the Russian Empire.

The interactive zone will allow you to literally touch the means of payment in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, in the Arab East, in Great Britain of the 18th century and Imperial Russia.


A tour of the "Worth its weight in gold" exhibition will help to answer the most frequent question our museum guests ask: what could you buy with this money?

Visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the routine life of ordinary people in different eras, but, please, do not think that it will be boring! How much did a loaf of bread cost in the ancient Greek Agora or how high was the transportation fee in Victorian England, and what is the difference between the Dutch cheese and cheese "in the Dutch manner" in the Russian Empire?

The museum guests will have an incredible opportunity to understand what skills and talents were in demand in different eras. The tour will tell the guests what skills were needed to live in Ancient Greece, what professions were considered prestigious in the Roman Empire and what opportunities opened up for people during the industrial revolution.

On the tour, visitors will learn about the circulating funds, how they influenced trade and the society prosperity.